Hello world!

This is us on Christmas eve after running the dogs. Not a very white Christmas this year.

In this blog I will write bits and pieces about our travels. Both short travels like hikes in the near by areas and longer travels abroad.  We love to spend time with our dogs in nature. If you don’t like seeing dogs and animals this probably isn’t a good blog for you. I will try to limit the photos of our own dogs in this blog, as our dogs have their own blog and website.

Most of our travels will be in areas were our focus are animals, nature or history. But sometimes we will visist a bigger city as well.

Just to get started off I will make a few short blogposts about our past travels together. The future travels will be better presented as they will be written more or less as they happen instead of a summary after the fact.

Fjellbris and Denali. Daughter and mother. The two dogs that accompanied me on my first date with Truls

But first a short introduction to how we came to be.

Until the autumn of 2013 I lived a life as a single woman. Passing the 12th year in a row. Then this person in a forum about pretty much everything made contact with me. I thought he was funny and soon discovered we had a lot of shared interest, and the same view of all the bigger issues in life, and most of the smaller ones too. We’ve talked every single day from the first message that was sent.

Our first date was a hike near Frognerseteren  in Oslo were he lived, born and raised for generations.  I brought along two of my dogs. It was rather evident that hiking with dogs hadn’t been his main occupation, but we had fun. It was the wee beginning of us. Since then we’ve hiked many kilometres with dogs.

Within a year he asked me to marry him, and I said yes. It was a very nice spur of the moment proposal. Later I got a wonderful ring as a proof of our engagement.

My beautiful engagement ring

We’ve lived together more or less since the summer of 2014, and since the 1st of December 2014 we have shared the same address officially.

The 4th of June 2016 we will be joined in marriage. We both look forward to that day and to the rest of our lives together.


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