Why I don’t travel much at the moment

So I decided to make a blog post illustrating why I don’t travel much at the moment, which of course is linked to why I don’t blog much either. It isn’t much to write about in a travel blog when you’re not getting anywhere. I know this situation will be different in a couple of years but also hope do do a fair bit of travelling before that. However I probably have to stick to shorter travels both in durance and distance.

OK, so here it is; a day in my life (please click on the photos to read the text)


Obviously not every day is like this. Some days I get up at 4 in the morning istead, some days I only have school (meaning I’m home somewhere between 18 and 20 in the evening) and sometimes I’m lucky and only have work.
I also work every 3rd weekend, being away from home for about 10 hours those days doesn’t leave much left of the weekend. Then there are a few days that I’m not working and not at the school, and maybe I don’t even have to study much. However spending that rare day off (about 1 day a week on average) travelling isn’t a priority. My dogs are!
There will be more time off in the near future, but for now this is my life.


A trip to the worlds’ end, Tjøme in Vestfold Norway

Unfortunatly travling is taking a back seat in our lives right now. My studies and the upcomming wedding are taking pretty much all our time and money. But will come back stronger later in the year.

Today we went to Tjøme, Vestfold, to walk some of the dogs in a different route than our regular one. It’s about a 2 hour drive from our home. It was a nice walk in the spring weather with just about the right temperature for both dogs still in winter coats and humans still in winter mode. About 10C.

There is a resturant at the site with a wonderful view (similar to the featured image of this post). There is a guest harbour for hobby boats and a bathing are for guests as well. Being in April bathing is not an option and most boats are still not on the sea after winter storage. The resturant is off limits for dogs.

The puppy Beringia at 8 months old felt it was a good time to give me a facial wash.