a short hike to Rondvassbu, Norway

Sunday the 3rd of July we went on a short hike into Rondvassbu in Rondane national park, Norway. This was just a hike to walk the dog on a return trip from a dog show. Our hike was about 12km long and went from Spranget to Rondvassbu.

Rondane is Norway oldest national park and was established in 1962. It was extended in 2003 and now covers 963 sq km. The reason to establish this national park was to preserve the mostly untouched high altitude area, the alpine ecosystem and the wild reindeer population that lives here.  Most of Rondane national park is situated above the tree line and as such has very few trees, none at all in big parts of the park. Instead you’ll find mosses, lichens, heather and shrubs.  Thre are 10 peaks with an altitude above 2000 metres  in Rondane national park. The highest being Rondslottet (the Rondande castle) at 2 178 m (7 146 ft).

Fresh snow in July on one of the mountain peaks

Rondvassbu is one of many “huts” owned by the Norwegian Trekking Assosiaton (DNT – Den Norske Turistforening) and the biggest of their huts in Rondane. It’s altitude is at 1 173 m (3 848 ft) The same assosiation that marks paths all around Norway with a red T that makes it both easier and safer to hike in the vast nature of Norway.  Rondvassbu is placed at the southern end of Rondvatnet (Rond lake) . Rondvassbu was built in 1903 and bought by DNT in 1929.


Although our hike on this day was short, it gave us a glimpse of a beautiful high mountains area, and we wish to come back at a later date and explore some more. Goining on smaller paths and up some of the mountain peaks.


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