About us

A photo from our first vaccation togheter.  This is from Knuthenborg Safari park

First about the name of this blog; if you translate our last names into English it will be Meadowhill (my name) and Mountain (my fiance’s name). As we love nature, fauna and flora. We enjoy our hikes in the Summer half of the year with the dogs, I found it a suitable name.

Come June we will have both last names, as we are getting married on the 4th of June 2016.

Our house, you may spot some of our dogs as well

We’re a couple of Norwegians, first names Anita and Truls, that live a rather quiet life togheter in a house at the countryside. At the moment (and for 2,5 years to come) I will be studying as well as working part time, while he is at home. I already have an education in biology, but due to work circumstances I am adding another education to my list, this time in pharmacy. We currently own 9 Siberian Huskies and it wouldn’t be possible for me to study without his help taking care of the dogs.

We do like to travel, and more than anything we like to see nature, animals and historic sites. So far we haven’t traveled all that much togheter. When my studies are over we will travel a bit more frequently as we will have more free time on our hands as well as a bit more money to spend on that sort of thing. This means that most of our trips in the near future will be hiking trips that only last a day or a weekend in Norway, bringing our dogs along. And a few trips abroad where we combine another part of our canine hobby, dog shows, with traveling.

Learn more about us through our other blogs.

For our dogs I maintain our website: Snøfrost Siberian Huskies
and dog blog: Snøfrost blog


Truls has his own blog about wargaming miniatures: Gunfreak’s History of War


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