Our first vaccation – part I: Denmark

In the Summer of 2014, more exact from the 25th of July to the 7th of August we went on our first vaccation together. This is a recapitulation in three parts.

Part I: Denmark

From the 25th of July to the 2nd of August


We started out taking the Fjordline ferry M/S Bergensfjord from Langesund – about 45 minutes drive from my home (at that point he didn’t live here yet) to Hirtshals in Denmark.

Fjordline’s ferry M/S Bergensfjord


Our vaccation would be a road trip in Denmark and Sweden, with a couple of days at my familiy’s summer house in Norway before we had to return to our day to day life.


The first part of our vaccation was spent in Denmark. starting out in the north, driving up to Skagen and to the outermost tip of Denmark, Grenen.Our first night was spent at a camping ground in a tent. We then had lunch in Skagen centrum, and spent some time on the beach.


In the afternoon we drove to Ørnereservatet. A fabulous place well worth a visit. We sure will return ourselves one day. It was fantastic to see the big birds of prey flying free in the Danish nature, as well as seeing the bond they clearly had with their humans.


We then continued on to Randers were we visited Randers Regnsov,  rainforest growing in domes.  Plants and animals were divided in South America,  Asia and Africa.  It’s a nice place to visit and you really get a bit of the same feeling as a real rainforest gives you.

Next stop was Himmelbjerget. Not the highest point in Denmark,  but the most famous high point. It’s elevation is a mere 147 meters. Not all that impressive when you’ve grown up with 1000 m mountains around you. However it does give you a good view of the surroundings as Denmark is a rather flat country even in it’s more hilly areas were Himmelbjerget is located. 

Crossing Lillebælt we arrived at Fyn island and went to the city of Odense.  The most memorable parts were the delicious steak we ate and meeting the Katta Lemurs  of Odense Zoo close up.

Next day we continued on across Storebælt to Skjælland island and down across the Falster island and arriving at Lolland island. Here we stayed in an apartment right outside Maribo for a night before visiting Knuthenborg Safaripark.

Knuthenborg Safaripark once was known as the medieval manor of Årsmarke. This was Denmark’s largest private estate.  It opened for a paying public already back in 1870, at that time displaying only exotic plants such as the rhododendrons which still grow in the park.  In 1950 it opened as a safaripark  as well, adding the first exotic animals in 1969. Today it is still a unique place to visit.You drive your own car through huge enclosures where the animals have the opportunity to get away from it all if they wish to. In several areas you may stop your car and go outside it for a closer look. Some of the animals will let you pet them, others won’t.



Our last stop in Denmark was the capital Copenhagen.  We stayed here for a few days. Took a boat sightseeing,  visited Tivoli, wandered about the city and last visited the aquarium den blå planet (the blue planet). We weren’t all that impressed by this, even if it is one of the largest aquariums in Europe.  Then we crossed the tunnel and Øresund bridge into Sweden.


the Øresund bridge from Denmark to Sweden. Made famous by the detective series “the bridge”