This page will be updated as we are able to visit the places we want to go, and other places will be added to the “want to go list” as we come to think of them. This is not a so-called “bucket list”, but just a list of places we want to go together. Some places we may never go at all, others I am pretty sure we’ll get to one day.
We want to explore the world! Lazy days on the beach is not really our way of traveling. Nice to do once in a while, but not what drives us. In addition we are not overly found of humid heat (dry heat is much better) but we rather want to go in colder weather where that is a possibillity.


Baltic countries; Estonia, Latvia and/or Lithuania, a weekend trip should be nice
Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourgh; the Benelux countries.
Czech Republic; we want to see Prague and some historical sites
Denmark; our closest neighbour in the south.
England; lots to see and lots to do.
Finland; the odd one out of the Nordic countries
Germany;  Leipzig, Berlin
Greece; lots of islands and much history to explore
Iceland; geology and history
Ireland; in search of vikings?
Italy; so many things to see and do, have to be more than one trip.
Lichtenstein together with Austria and/or Switzerland, a trip in the Alps
Malta; the little island country in the Mediterranean, to be combined with Scicily
Norway; our little country in the north. Need to see more of it.
Portugal; don’t know so much about it, want to see some of it
Russia; by far the largest country in Eurasia. Want to see some of it famous and historic sites and if we ever get a chance to see north eastern Siberia as well.
San Marino; revisiting this little country and freshen my memory of it
Scotland; highlands, towns and a loc ness monster
Svalbard; high in the arctic, polar bears, seals, birds and ice
Sweden; the next door neighbour
Vatican; when in Rome, we will visit the Vatican as well.
Wales; just because we want to see it
Åland islands; worthy of a visit. And I’ve always been fascinated by tiny little countries in Europe.


Canada; “big Norway” when it comes to their nature.
Ecuador; the Galapagos is a dream for us. Both fascinated by Darwin’s travels
Guatamala; Maya ruins

Alaska; want to go to Nome as wella s see other parts of this northern state
Round trip; Grand Canyon – Painted Desert  – Petrified Forest – Redwood Forest – Yosemite
New York and the East coast of USA
Florida; Disney World, Cape Canarvel and Key West. Maybe some days in the Caribbean


Cabo Verde; exploring this archipelago in the Atlantic ocean
Egypt; want to see the historic sites
Kenya; safari
Tanzania; Serengeti, Ngorgoro and Zanzibar. Maybe Kilimajaro too
Madagascar; the strange lemur island
Morocoo; to see the culture and some historic sites


Australia; the fauna, the flora, the geology and the history
Kiribati; just because it was my favourite flag as a child
New Zealand; a country of contrasts. Looks beautiful


Bhutan; culture, history and really high mountains, maybe combined with Nepal
India; a huge country, and pretty far down our list.
Japan; just so different we want to see it
Jordan; an exciting country with some nice historic sites as well.
Mongolia; a vast country with few people. Want to see it and experience it.
Vietnam or more in Indochina; culture, landscape and history


Urugay, Argentina, Falkland islands, Chile on our way to Antartica, we hope. This will be in quite a while due to the cost.