Were we’ve been

In the past

I have visited quite a few places in  my life. Some I want to revisit, others were a once in a lifetime trip, such as my trip to Uganda. I however want to revisit Africa, and I want to share those trips with the love of my life. But it won’t be the first place we go.

These are the places I’ve been as of the end of 2015:

Countries visited by Anita

My fiance have been to these countries as of the end of 2015

Countries visited by Truls

I really would have liked to go to China togheter with him. But as this was a school trip for him (like Uganda was for me), and it was years before we knew of eachothers existence it was of course not an option. One day we might go togheter, but for now we do not wish to support China due to political reasons, not even as tourists.